Launches and marketing of your pharmaceutical products

The main objective of each pharmaceutical company is to launch and distribute its products in one or more national markets.

Medipha Santé can either launch your products on the French market or launch products on your behalf.

  • Medipha Santé successfully supports its partners in the hospital and city pharmacy markets
  • Medipha Santé can provide all the activities of an “Exploitant” company on the French market for French companies or foreign companies that do not have a pharmaceutical establishment in France
  • Medipha Santé can assist foreign companies in the opening of an operating subsidiary for the French market.
  • Medipha Santé takes care of the preparation, submission and follow-up of price and reimbursement files for you with the HAS and the CEPS for your specialities in for city pharmacies and in hospitals (list in addition, T2A, retrocession etc.)
  • For hospitals Medipha Santé is structured to respond to calls for tenders and to manage ATUs

Also, if your company is not established in France or if you do not have the “Exploitant” status, Medipha Santé, as a specialist in the French market, can offer you the following assistance in order to allow you to access the French market for your medicines or products:

  • Turn-key offer including distribution via a qualified French custodian, pharmacovigilance, medical information and local quality assurance activities
  • Ad hoc offer adapted to your needs and which takes into account your relationships with your other partners/providers
  • Assistance in the creation of a French subsidiary of your pharmaceutical company, with the “Exploitant” status
  • Recommendation and contacts with logistics partners,
  • Setting up product specifications with manufacturers or logistics partners,
  • Certification of the sales forces and assistance for their supervision on the regulatory level in terms of French legislation,
  • Management of the local quality assurance (QA) environment during product launch and distribution,
  • Medical information management by a team of scientists and pharmacists trained and supervised by a physician
  • Provision of local Pharmacovigilance representatives or a Local Qualified Person (LQP) on the basis of the legal requirements of the concerned Member State (CMS).

Medipha Santé proposes to endorse the status of “Exploitant” of the Marketing Authorization (MA) and thus to ensure all the “Exploitant” activities on the French market for or on behalf of customers holding MAs who do not have a pharmaceutical structure on the national territory.

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