European network: Regulations in real time

Médipha Santé is member of an European consultants network (EUDRACON) specialized in regulatory affairs

Photo des membres EuDRAcon à Paris en avril 2014

More than 10 years ago Medipha Santé has joined the network EuDRAcon (abbreviation for European Drug Regulatory Affairs Consultants), a pan-European network of regulatory affairs consultancy companies, dealing with medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements.

Founded in 2007, EuDRAcon conducts business in a network of nationally based companies in almost all of the member states of the European Union plus Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

The local presence of service providers, such as Medipha Santé for the French market, ensures the reliable management of national steps.

Before joining the EuDRAcon network, each prospective company undergoes extensive background checks, as EuDRAcon’s goal is to further increase the networks strength with partners who have the same vision and policy – to be accountable, flexible and reliable.

As an EuDRAcon member, we can offer you quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness across different markets.